Confusion between two languages due to stress.

It was a usual day when my sister was usually doing her homework happily☺.
My sister asked my mother “What do we call पत्थर IN HINDI”. My mother was like what?? My mother being herself an Hindi teacher was shocked to hear this .
This was the most funniest day of my life

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Smart Counting Technique

Anvi re Anvi. 🙂 While doing mathematics, she was given a calculation, much difficult to be handled. Well, at-least lengthy enough to require more than 10 fingers she had in her hands. 😛 When offered assistance from her father, she was confident enough to handle it all by herself and to prove her intelligence, she took her one foot and started counting on its fingers. 😛 Amused by her solution, her father asked “What will you do in School? Will you take your foot out of shoe to count on it?”. This question still is unanswered but for sure that particular mathematical question was solved. 😀

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Family Visit to Panchkula 2013 Dec


Family visit planned for 2013 Dec. Tickets already booked. But watch it… Because it has not been finalized yet whether family will visit Panchkula this December or the booked tickets will be cancelled. Not sure. So surprise could be either way. 🙂

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Scale for Round Objects

Aadi always prove that he is quick-witted and always find ways to make people laugh. 😀 It was a regular day. Aadi was doing his homework. When he was completing his drawing homework, his mother saw him using scale. Being a good artist herself, she startedscolding Aadi for using scale while drawing and asked him “Is there anything which he prefers to draw without using a scale?”. To which our ‘Gattu’ replied “A circle”. 😛 😀

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Ready To Cook, Good To Eat


Well.. lets us know about a few recipes which should not take more than 5 min please.

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Family Visit to Panchkula 2013

Visiting from 10th Apr, 2013 to 10th May, 2013.

See you all soon.

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